WeatherShare Phase 2 Key Features


This document outlines some of the key features implemented in the current version of the WeatherShare system developed by Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University, and sponsored by California Department of Transportation.   These include some new features such as “Alerts” and some features that you may not have realized were there such as “Historical Data”.  Please feel free to try these additional features.


Updated, September 9th, 2009


·        Three changes have been made to the Alerts layers:

o       For “Recent Conditions”:

§         “Ice Warning (Dist 2 rwis only)” changed to "Ice Warning( Dist 1,2,3,6,7,8 rwis) to show any Distrcit 1,2,3,6,7,8 stations that have a pavement sensor showing an icy condition.

§         “High Wind Warning” changed to "Adjustable Wind Warning" to allow user customizable thresholds for “Wind Advisory”, “Wind Warning”, or “High Wind Warning” conditions.

o       For “Forecast Conditions”:

§         “Fog Warning" is added for 3 hours time frames. This will show mileposts that have the potential fog conditions based on the NWS forecast weather conditions.


Updated, July 13th, 2009





·        Recent Conditions detail display features

o       While displaying the “Recent Conditions” – “Air Temperature”, “Wind Speed” , “Precipitation Within Last Hour”, “Precipitation Within Last 24 Hours”, or “Humidity” layers you can click a station icon to call up the detail bubble.

o       Besides the detail information in the bubble there are two additional links.

§         Clicking  the  “Historical Data”  link will bring up a bubble that allows you to select historical data to view.  Select the data and date range you wish to see then click the “Display Historical Data” button.  A bubble will be displayed showing the data and giving you the choice to “Export to csv file”  to download the information to your local computer.

§         Clicking the “Report an error here” link will bring up a dialog to allow you report errors or comment on the system.  If you include a valid email address we will try to reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.



·        Forecast layers

o       The following additional layers  were added to the “Forecast” tab:

§         Wind Gust Speed

§         Snow

o       Right and left arrows were added next to the date/time selection control to allow you to scroll through the available forecast times.


·        Stations Layer

o       Red colored icons have been added to designate stations that are updating but have one or more sensors that have failed Quality control.

§         To get a detail view of the station information showing the failed sensor you must zoom in at least 2 levels.  The icons will then become “clickable” .  Clicking an icon will bring up a detail bubble with the failing sensor highlighted with a color showing which QC level it failed.

§         Options to show “Historical Data”  and “Report an error here” are available from the detail bubble.



·        Alerts layer

o       Samples of the potential alert capability of weather share are shown here.

o       For “Recent Conditions” , alerts are available for:

§          “Ice Warning (Dist 2 rwis only)” which will show any D2 stations that have a pavement sensor showing an icy condition.The Ice Warning is triggled by either "ice warning" or "frost" readings indicated by surface status sensor from RWIS.

§         “High Wind Warning” which shows any stations that have wind conditions reflecting “Wind Advisory”, “Wind Warning”, or “High Wind Warning” conditions. The High Wind Warning will be triggered if average wind speed or gust wind speed passed user defined thredsholds.

o       For “Forecast”, alerts are available for:

§         “Crosswind Warning” for 3 hour time frames.  This will show mileposts that have the potential for a crosswind conditions based on the forecast wind and wind gusts.

§         “NWS Alerts” which will show current active National weather service alerts.  These include Severe Thunder storm warning, Special weather statement, hazardous weather, red flag, and others.

§         “Potential Red Flag Index” for the next 3 hours. The defination can be found under


o       If an alert, either Recent Conditions or Forecast is selected and you navigate to another tab the Alert tab will turn red if an active alert is detected.